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How it Works

As a start-up, you will submit a solution in one of four areas of innovation development (Early-Stage Innovation, Concept Validation, Early Commercialization, Growth Trajectory).
Submissions will be judged by a panel of selected pediatric healthcare providers/administrators and their picks will form the challenge's start-up company finalist list. The finalist start-ups will present their innovative solution to a panel of judges during a live-pitch event, and final winners will be announced during an awards ceremony. 

Start-up Company Eligibility

  • Must notify the event sponsors in writing if you or your immediate relative or spouse is employed by the event sponsors or a participating provider, hospital, or health system staff 

Innovative Solution Requirements

  • Must have a pediatric focus


  • Pediatric digital health technology delivering one or more of the following: 

    • Improve health outcomes 

    • Improve patient / family experience

    • Improve clinician experience

    • Reduce total cost of care 

Content Submission Requirements

  • Submit a video less than 5 minutes in length detailing your company's innovative solution

*Your video submission can be filmed on a phone, iPad, computer, etc. Video quality will not affect our judging process. 

  • Submit a presentation deck with 12 or less slides

  • If selected as a finalist, present in front of a panel of judges during a live-virtual event 

  • The submission (a) must be the start-ups' original work, (b) solely owned by the same, and (c) not violate any intellectual property rights or privacy rights of any third party

  • The submission must not contain (as determined by the event sponsors in their sole discretion) any content that is inappropriate

  • Submissions may not contain any source code or software applications.

  • Submissions may not contain any personally identifiable information (PII) or protected health information (PHI).

Prize Information

  • Bear Institute software developer(s) supporting SMART on FHIR enablement of the winning start-ups’ solution

  • On-site pilot of the winning solution at Children’s National​, which may include deployment support


  • Marketing of the winner’s solution by event sponsors, which may include reference activity or collaboration projects based upon the success of the pilot

  • Press release announcing winning submissions and subsequent announcements of pilots or other collaboration with event sponsors


  • Additional software development support for potential API integration to a solution within the Oracle Health product portfolio


  • Collaboration opportunities with leading researchers and nationally recognized clinicians for any desired refining or enhancing of a winning solution 


  • Prize monies allotted within each innovation development track 

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